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«One of the highest and purest joy of life is having rest after work»

 Immanuel Kant

After long and nervous working days is vital to regain strength and health, because, You see, life is given not only for work.

Everyone is resting in its own way. Someone likes a beach vacation in luxury resorts and hotels in Sochi, the capital of the 2014 Olympics or the Crimea - newfound resort pearl of Russia, with a huge choice of restaurants and cafes, shops and entertainment facilities. For these tourists the sea - it is something alluring, a secret, which You can watch endlessly. For them, the lapping of waves in combination with the bright sun and warm sand create a unique melody of peace and tranquility in the soul.

There are those who are indifferent to the sea, but can’t imagine their life without mountains, without conquering their points. This feeling, while breathtaking skiing cannot be compared with anything. So what's the attractiveness of the mountains for tourists? About it You will realize after visiting the Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, the leader of sports facilities in Russia. There are waiting for You 4 great ski resorts: "Alpika Service", "Gornaya  Karousel", "Gazprom" and "Rosa Khutor".  Cozy hotels and a huge variety of sports shops will allow You to fully enjoy Your mountain vacation.

To admire the magnificent Moscow, during the  tour of Golden Ring;  the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg, the town of Peterhof and visit the Hermitage, a cruise on the Volga, and the Baltic capitals. And this is only a small part of what You can fill Your memories about Russia.

As for our compatriots, statistics show that in recent years, more and more Russians are choosing domestic holiday destinations.

Our ski resorts and Black Sea beaches can boast of good infrastructure and luxury hotels, which have become a real splendor of southern Russia.

So, in anticipation of Your upcoming vacation, You will finally decide to travel to the country of Your dreams - Russia. To begin, You should decide who will organize Your holiday.

You can, relying on Your own strength, to be engaged in planning your travel, tickets, hotels, routes, visas (if necessary), but in this case could appear many inevitable problems associated with the intricacies of tourism, which, You, dear traveler may not know. Especially if You do not often travel abroad.

"HOLIDAYS" - Recreation and nothing else!

Another option - place Your confidence in our experts who responsibly will resolve all issues related to your trip. In this case, we recommend You to use the services of "Holidays" Company. The name speaks for itself - «holidays» with synonyms “recreation, vacation." Recreation, and nothing but. All other care leave to us.

Who are we? We are the ones who help fulfill the dreams, we are the ones who help compatriots and foreigners see the beauty of Russia, learn the culture and traditions of this great nation. We are those who, from the foundation of the company, in 2002, made every effort to get optimal results - and the best result for us is above all satisfied customers, the only condition of existence of each travel company.

The Company "Holidays" focuses mainly on the profile of inbound or domestic tourism in Russia. We successfully invite tourists from Iran, Bulgaria, China, and others. In recent years, this type of tourism in Russia is developing quite actively, due to the fact that foreign tourists are attracted by the rich history and a high rate of development of infrastructure in Russia. On the other hand, more and more Russians prefer the local resorts, which in recent years in no way inferior to European. This fact certainly cannot but rejoice, because Russia undoubtedly boasts the splendor of its cities, cultures and traditions of the peoples living in this great country.

We are not afraid of your moods, because they help to develop our professional skills.

So, what can help the company "HOLIDAYS" desperate fans of good rest and homebody, not loving once again to risk looking for a reliable tour operator?

Our friendly staff will be your real helper in the way of your trip to Russia. By necessity will meet you at the airport, manage your transfer to the accommodation place, will help you in choosing the hotel, will inform you about the room amenities, about the local attractions in the vicinity of the hotel;  the closest shops, museums, restaurants, clubs.  Depending on your needs, you will dwell in walking distance from the coast of Sochi and the Crimea. For those who enjoy the beauty of the mountains and love to ski, the team of "HOLIDAYS" organizes an unforgettable holiday in the resort of Krasnaya Polyana. Our years of experience will help answer all Your questions and advise You in any difficult situation.

As for our compatriots, statistics show that in recent years, more and more of our citizens are choosing domestic holiday destinations. This is understandable - in this case the rest become profitable - firstly it’s no need of travel documents, and secondly you save time and money, because travel abroad are more expensive and take longer.
In addition to the selection of the tour, we offer services for booking air and Railway- tickets, visa support, tickets for various entertaining presentation, cruises in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as in European capitals on the best Russian ships.
On our site you will find detailed information on the cities, tours, hotels, the latest news in the field of tourism, as well as the latest special offers.

With us, you cannot worry about that something goes wrong.

Trust our team!
Relax with “HOLIDAYS”!
Our number in the Federal Register of Tour Operators - MBT 013489

"HOLIDAYS" - your moods - a way for our development!

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Sant Peternurg : +7(812) 602 9791
Sochi : +7(862) 279 9991
Tehran : +98 21 88 20 3950